About Lynette Anderson

Lynette Anderson Dating Coach for Single Mid-Career Professional Ladies & Gentlemen Bilingual (English & Spanish)

Lynette Anderson
Dating Coach for Single
Mid-Career Professional
Ladies & Gentlemen
(English & Spanish)

From 6 years old until I was 24, I performed ballet. I became a professional ballerina with Ballets Concertantes de Puerto Rico, at the age of 12.  I also performed as a jazz dancer in, Raices, a company directed by Lotti Cordero. I studied and danced in New York, Philadelphia, Washington DC, Massachusetts, Illinois, Missouri, Texas and Puerto Rico.

At Carlota Alfaro College, of the Puerto Rican haute couture, fashion designer, I also studied modeling and finishing school, under the direction of Jenny Sosa, a top model.

I hold Degrees,Certifications and Licenses from:

  • Georgia State University, Bachelor of Science in Psychology

  • Medical College of Georgia, Physical Therapy

  • Broward Community College of Florida, Associate of Science in Business Administration and Management

  • I am also Licensed in Massage Therapy, in Florida; hold a National Certification in Biofeedback Therapy, and Licensed in Electrolysis and Laser Hair Removal, in Florida. These skills facilitated my development of a successful Laser Hair Removal & Electrolysis business.

  • I have also studied with, and am Certified, in coaching with:
    Steve G. Jones, Ph.D., Christian Mickelsen, Andy Shaw and Eben Pagan.

Notwithstanding my busy career, I began creating my family at age 39, with my first child, and brought my second child into the world at 42.

Today, I have been married five (5) times, and have a diverse set of experiences from which to draw on, to benefit those whom I Coach with the True Mate Attraction System.  I only wish I had had the advantage of having such an effective system before I married the first time!  With the addition of all the Coaching courses to my previous Dance & Modeling career, my formal University education, and my life experiences, I have a unique set of tools for my clients to be successful in their quest for love and happiness.

You are at the Best Place, at the Best Time, with the Best Coach, to guide you to find your True Mate, once and for all!

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