For the Gentlemen

I facilitate and help transform the lives of single gentlemen, who have lost hope of finding their True Mate. My expertise is with gentlemen of 30 years of age and above. As long as you have the will, I have the way.

I coach :

  • from the busy Professional that “ has no time to date” (wink, wink), and gets home to a cold plate of food and a dog;

  • to the man who has been misguided by society into believing that having serial, disposable relationships, and objectifying women is the best way to be happy, (the Playboy Syndrome) and ends up with nobody and washed up; (Even when statistics say married men get more and better sex than singles.)

  • to the man who has all the wealth but not love, is lonely, and wants to be in a solid, satisfying, meaningful relationship

I can guide and teach you a lot of techniques to overcome anything that is slowing you down, getting in your way, or stopping and sabotaging your success on the “dating field” (this could be anywhere, not talking about clubs), so you can improve your life, restore Your Self, with my techniques, and come back stronger, more confident, and more enlightened on how to go about attracting the Lady of your dreams, and finally be happy and fulfilled. (and get more sex)