For the Ladies

I enable ambitious, aspiring, enthusiastic single ladies to achieve the life and lifestyle of their dreams, often (but not always) including having a Thriving Career, attracting their True Mate and creating a family. Drawing out the best in the ladies I work with, leading them into the most powerful, strongest, and balanced version of themselves in the arenas of dating, career and family is my expertise.


Notwithstanding my busy career, I began creating my family at age 39, with my first child, and brought my second child into the world at 42.  I understand the dynamics involved and the pressure of having a career, and the subconscious mind reminding you of your biological clock ticking.  And I am also glad that my experience can serve as an example for those ladies in that position today.


I want to continue working with energetic, enterprising women who are passionate about building a career first and then finding the right man and creating a family only when they're ready.


I am building and want to continue to build a network of powerful, successful ladies who feed off and contribute to each other's success at my annual group networking summits.